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Why Noro

Make Distance Irrelevant

Imagine a world where videoconferencing is like actually being there — where teams spread out across the world can collaborate as naturally as if they were sharing the same room — making eye contact and moving naturally.

Noro brings that vision to life with an immersive, life-size video conferencing solution so your organization can reduce travel costs and carbon footprint, while increasing team effectiveness. Don’t underestimate the power of presence.


True Collaboration is Here

Experience Life-Size Presence

See your colleagues in life-size detail, ensuring clear communication and natural eye contact for stronger relationships.

Boost Creativity and Energy

Harness the power of non-verbal cues to spark fresh ideas and drive collaborative breakthroughs.

Slash Your Carbon Footprint

Cut your carbon footprint, reduce travel costs, fight fatigue and boost productivity.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Brings teams together with all the tools they need to work together in one place, including interactive whiteboards, docs, media, design tools and more.

Improve Work-Life Balance

Eliminate unnecessary travel. Empower your teams to spend the day in the office with clients or colleagues without the time away from loved ones at home.

Communicate Securely

Communicate freely, knowing that best-in-class security ensures sensitive discussions remain confidential.

We have Noro demos available at our locations in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, and London, with more sites coming online soon. We host demos with remote participants as well.

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For Global Leaders

Noro is built for high-stakes, high-performance industries including consulting, healthcare, and banking. Whether it’s a strategy session, brainstorm, confidential review, or  key client presentation, Noro brings true presence to every meeting.
Our future-of-work experts can share how you can make Noro beneficial for your industry.